1. T.I., “Hot Wheels (feat. Travis Porter & Young Dro)” (Fuck Da City Up, 2012)

    The obvious highlight from T.I.’s underwhelming mixtape gets a video. This is so infectious that it made me wonder if Atlanta is still the center of hip-hop’s universe. Then I remembered there is no center.

    P.S.: Whoever said Iggy Azalea doesn’t look comfortable in her own skin … well, here’s more evidence.

    P.P.S.: From Day 1, the long-long-lllloooonnnngggg awaited debut album from Travis Porter, supposedly drops May 29. They worked with Diplo.


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    I thought it was Strap (thanks for the confirmation), but I cannot tell one Travis from another Porter. Also, Strap is a...
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    The first dude who raps is “Strap”, the one who got arrested for trying to bring a gun through airport security. Travis...
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    I miss my city bruh
  4. dalatu said: T-Porter and Diplo could work with another “Look At Me Know” redux beat.
  5. andyhutchins said: That first verse >.
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